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Considering a ‘Hairline Tattoo? Here is What You Need to Know

The volume, style, or even thickness of our hair are critical to how our appearance will add to the general confidence, but not everyone is lucky enough to be born with thick, beautiful hair. Somehow there is a difference between men and women when it comes to the effects of baldness. People can see that it is normal for many men to be bald, while hair loss in women can be a difficult situation to accept. Hence, hairline shaping technology was born as a savior for those unlucky with alopecia, baldness, and hair loss. There are hair transplant products and surgeries that can help you hide thinning hair or hair loss.

Let’s talk about how hairline tattoo can be a solution for uneven hairline!

A Guide to Hairline Tattoo

There are many good solutions or cure to hair loss for both balding men and women; However, permanent beauticians experiment with very reliable hair solutions.

What is hairline tattoo?

Hair loss is a common problem affecting nearly 80 million people annually in the United States. Hair transplants and scalp micropigmentation are some of the options for treating hair loss. Scalp micropigmentation use procedures similar to cosmetic tattooing and uses a similar process. to make it look more like a hairline tattoo. Hair loss drugs, hair transplants are among the options, such as hair loss drugs and hair transplants, that can be done at home in many countries.

Hairline Tattoo For Head

Hair tattoo also called scalp micropigmentation has many names such as scalp tattoo, hair tattoo, and hair or scalp pigmentation. Tiny hair follicles where traditional tattoos are more of a scratching method. It’s a semi-permanent tattoo that makes it look like you have fuller hair. During the scalp micropigmentation, you will likely experience at least mild discomfort, but it won’t be long. You can also ask your doctor about a pain reliever for fear of persistent pain. The end result can fix a balding hairline and fill in areas with thinning hair. The micropigmentation of the hair is similar to the natural look of real hair on a shaved head.

How long does this treatment take?

The Norwood Scale is a grading system used to check the stages of male pattern baldness. The process begins with hair loss assessments that include future predictions for further loss. There must be at least five full days between the individual meetings. It is normal to notice a slight discoloration as the scalp begins to heal. This is entirely due to the natural treatment process of peeling and regeneration of the skin. The pigment becomes clearer and more pronounced from session to session over time.

What to expect during the Scalp Micro-pigmentation session?

Before starting your first treatment, the staff will ask you to take photos of your head to see the difference from your final look. They also give you an overview of hair tattooing procedures along with pictures from their previous clients.

Hair design of your choice. Some men will suit a sharper hairline while others prefer a more discolored or sparse hairline. Your hair technician will give you hair design options. After you’ve decided on a design, you’ll also need to choose the best shade or ink that will suit your skin and your eyebrows. There are a variety of ink colors you can and the best thing is to choose the best tattoo ink tones that will best suit your skin. Be informed and ready for the treatments and wait for the possible outcomes.

During the first hair tattoo treatment, the technician will mark the areas to be filled.This first session allows your doctor to set a base density for future appearance, which is generally quite sparse. This is important to ensure that the end result is nice and even with no heavy pigment spots. It will take 2-3 days to recover before proceeding to the second session. Also, some areas of the scalp may be more sensitive, but mild pain will be more tolerable.

The second treatment process may be more intense and darker, but some patients also prefer the third hair tattoo treatment process to get a thicker hair look. The end result can fix a receding hairline and fill in areas with thinning hair. And this safe treatment procedure works with a small tattooed machine with one or more smaller needle (also called micro-needle) that are attached and placed on the epidermal layer of the head, and then carefully tracing each point on the bald area according to the natural hair.


Finally, a hairline tattoo or scalp micropigmentation procedure is a more affordable way to improve oneself confidence and look. It is also the time for bald men to take chances of having a better look with a clean and simple shaved buzz-cut style that is personalized to a person’s head shape. Hairline tattoos use microneedle that looks precisely like hair, not the painted-on dot. These treatments provide hairline tattoos with an independent identity. It replicates the natural hairline where your hair started to recede. This procedure is a transformative treatment. It will change your appearance overnight or a few sessions and also the way you perceive yourself. Hairline tattoos do not go as deep into your skin as traditional tattooing does. Traditional tattoos go five layers into the skin while scalp micropigmentation only goes two layers deep.


How much does hair tattoo cost?

The cost of the treatments varies upon the complexity of hair tattoo. $3500 is a good ballpark but often less when there’s no such intensive procedure to be done. The price will increase if you have scars to conceal, alopecia to camouflage, hair to sift through, or a massive area to fill in. Like in any other business, the procedure quality and skills to render depends upon how much you can pay.

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How long do hairline tattoos or Scalp micropigmentation last?

The exact tone of the hair follicles is matched with the chosen ink pigment. Although it is a permanent cosmetic procedure or process, notably, the gradual disappearance of micropigmentation on scalp sections is different for each person. Since it is ink, it will interact with your cells and it will eventually fade over time, which is why you can get a touch-up.

Is new hairline tattoo just for Bald men?

Scalp pigmentation does no only work for bald men. SMP is also commonly the choice for women who experience hair loss, especially with alopecia. Women experience hair loss due to genes, hormonal changes during pregnancy, and also with aging, and other health conditions. Women are a lot concerned when it comes to their hair. A long and thick hair is very important when talking about boosting confidence. The goal of hair tattoos and pigment is to create the illusion of more hair in a given area.

Who is suitable for scalp micropigmentation?

Scalp micropigmentation may be right for you if you experience androgenetic alopecia, o male pattern baldness, often caused by genetics, age, hormonal changes, and other health conditions related to hair loss. It is also a great option if you have scars on your scalp from your last hair transplant surgery.

If you are looking to undergo a hair transplant or invest in products that seek to maintain the thick hair, scalp micro pigmentation or scalp tattoo is the best choice.

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