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Does Brushing Hair Stimulate Growth?


Hair has been an integral part of an individual’s looks and style that’s why people invest in hair care. People use a range of products to achieve that luscious locks. These products vary in terms of use and benefits such as preventing hair loss, stimulating hair growth, preventing damage, etc.

News and myths have risen on how you can grow your hair faster and at the same time making it stronger. Probably the most popular among these myths is if brushing can make your hair grow faster. If you want to know if brushing hair, stimulates faster growth, then stay tuned to this page for more information.

Benefits of brushing your hair

Many leading experts in dermatology can agree that brushing your hair regularly has its benefits as evidence suggest. Based on the information we have, there are a few contributing factors to what makes your hair grow such as genetics, stress level, and of course the nutrients you consume. While a few lucky ones inherit the genes for faster growing hair, that doesn’t mean most of us can’t coach our hairs in growing faster. This is where hair brushing comes in.

First off, your scalp produces sebum or natural oils that are beneficial to your hair. This nutrient-rich oil produced by the sebaceous glands located in your hair follicles is spread from the roots up to the ends of your hair every time you brush your hair. This brings moisture through your hair which in turn gives you that nice sleekness and shine. Also, the oils help you nourish the roots of your hair and keeps your scalp moisturized which is needed for healthy hair growth.

Using a hairbrush can give your scalp a gentle massage as you’re brushing your hair. The brush strokes can help stimulate blood flow which means more blood bringing nutrients and oxygen to your scalp thus stimulating your hair follicles making them healthier.

Other than scalp stimulation, brushing regularly also removes hairs that have been shed. By doing this, you’re eliminating the chances of these hair strands forming knots, which can lead to a more vigorous brushing which in turn making your hair prone to damage.

Keep in mind that brushing cannot regrow hair that is already lost due to damaged follicles. Hair brushing can only give your hair somewhat of a boost.

Are there dangers in brushing your hair?

Many believe that you should be brushing your hair at least 100 times on average to get your scalp stimulated. But of course, studies show that this is merely a myth. Brushing your hair too many times might do the opposite and damage your hair entirely. Excessive hair brushing can lead to damage, making your hair strands more prone to breakage and even hair loss.

It is also possible to do damage to your hair by not brushing it properly, i.e. straight from the roots of your hair to the end. This can potentially pull hair strands from the roots especially when encountering knots. The best way to brush your hair is to start at the tips and brush your way up to the top of your head. This will further encourage hair growth and also protecting your hair from damage.

On that note, be wary of how much force you use each time you brush your hair. Too much force in your brush strokes can lead to the hair shaft falling off from the roots which in turn would lead to cuticle damage and even hair loss.

It’s also worth noting what type of hairbrush you use. Some brushes have stiff and often sharp bristles which can over time damage your scalp.

Keeping your scalp healthy and stimulating hair growth

Now we know the benefits of brushing and how it speeds up your hair growth, now you must know how to keep it that way. Data shows that hair loss is probably one of the most known issues regarding hair health.

Hair loss is something both men and women of all ages experience. This can be caused by several factors including genetics, medications, diet and nutrition, hormonal changes, and excessive hair styling.

Dr. Francesca Fusco, a leading dermatologist based in New York City, believes that the more we talk about hair loss, the more we can explore solutions to prevent it from happening to anyone.

Diet and Supplements

Your diet and nutrient content largely affect your overall hair health. Lack of certain nutrients makes your hair weaker and can hinder your hair growth.

An increased intake of protein alone can easily prevent you from suffering hair loss. Protein-rich foods make your locks stronger thus allowing you to grow them longer. Vitamins A has been shown to increase the rate of your hair growth. Data shows that vitamin A helps in sebum production which keeps your scalp healthier. Other substances such as ginseng are also known to help promote hair growth.

Hair Care

Your frequent visits to the hair salon may be causing damage to your hair due to excessive treatments and styling can lead to breakage especially when using a heated device. Washing your hair has its wonders but be aware of what products you use and what their content is because there are chemicals that can be damaging.

It leads me to my next point which is shampooing. Make sure you’re not over-washing your hair because this can strip your scalp of its natural sebum which can leave your scalp dehydrated making your hair prone to split ends. A piece of advice, use oils such as coconut and olive oil to help you moisturize your scalp.

The best tools to brush your hair with

The hairbrush you use can mean the difference between good scalp stimulation and damaging your hair entirely. Choosing the right kind of brush can save you from having to invest in hair loss treatments.

Paddle Brush

For one, avoid brushes that have sharp bristles. Not only can it literally scratch your scalp, but it can also tug and pull your hair out. A boar bristle brush is often considered the holy grail for hairbrushes because of its soft and gentle texture. A boar bristle brush is great for distributing essential oils your hair shaft needs to ensure that it’s kept moisturized and healthy.


Hairstylists have been debating whether which is better, a comb or a brush. A wide-tooth comb or a wet brush is perfect for wet hair as it removes the tangles easier with the least risk of breakage.

A hairbrush is more suited for dry hair in which it effectively distributes your scalp’s natural oils.


There’s no denying how hair is important to many of us. I hope many of you find this information useful because knowing how to brush your hair properly really makes a difference in boosting one’s confidence.

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