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How Does Hair Dyeing Affect Hair Loss?

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Changing hair color has always been known as one of the most popular ways to get cooler looks but according to many experts, it can lead to hair loss or alopecia. To solve the problem, many women scalp micropigmentation services have been introduced and those of Scalp International Hairlines are considered among the most effective ones. They don’t only keep the locks from being damaged from hair dyes but also protect them from the negative effects of hairspray on your hair.

Can hair dye cause hair loss?

Much evidence has shown that hair dying compounds can cause alopecia. In fact, this is due to the chemicals in the dyes.

Hair structure

A single hair has 3 layers which are cuticle (the outer layer), cortex (the middle layer), and medulla (the inner layer). Each one of them has its own role in maintaining the best condition of the hair. The cuticle is the defensive layer, the cortex preserves moisture and nutrition, and the innermost layer is the medulla. Chemicals in hair dyes are believed to break through and damage the layers.

Why does hair dyeing lead to hair loss?

Permanent hair dyes and temporary hair dies are included with ammonia and peroxides whose purposes are to bleach the natural hair color and give a color change. Both of these compounds can cause damages to the natural hair due to their affecting hair follicles and cuticle.

Permanent hair dyes with bleaching agents may result in permanent hair loss if the follicles are damaged too severely to renew the cycle of new hair strands.

The temporary hair-dyeing substances (or semi-permanent hair dyes) don’t really bleach the natural color of the hairs but too many times of changing hair colors over a short time can leave the hair short of nourishment and rest. If the hair is not looked at well after hair dyeing processes, hair thinning may become a real issue and permanent hair loss can happen.

How does hair dyes cause hair loss?

As already mentioned, the chemicals contained in the formulas of hair dyes are risk factors against the hair biological structure.

  • Ammonia

The cuticle is to protect hair shafts. For further penetration of dyeing chemicals, Ammonia has got the function of loosening this outer layer and weakening the protection of the hairs. As a result, hair shafts become more vulnerable and hair breakage is likely to happen.

  • Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide plays the role of lightening the color of the hair for the new color to be visible and as desired. The compound can also damage the cuticle to get the dye through to the hair cortex and make the hair more frizzy and dry. Without proper treatment afterward, colored hair will experience much hair breakage and have to wait for a long time for the natural hair to grow again. What’s worse is if you tend to put your tresses through too many processes of hue changing over a short period, this can leave the hair damaged severely and the consequence is permanent hair loss.

Aside from Ammonia and hydroperoxide, the other chemicals in hair dyeing substances also cause breakage to hair to some extent. They may put your tresses in a dry and frizzy condition or even create a lack of nutrition for hair follicles leading to scalp health deterioration and of course, hair loss.

After salon tips

A proper treatment routine for colored hair is extremely important. All people should follow it on a regular basis to maintain the strength of hair shafts and prevent alopecia using a suitable conditioner and hair care products.

Alternative ways to dye hair

If you still have a great love for refreshing your looks by switching between hair colors, it doesn’t mean that you have to stop dying your hair forever to keep your hair thick and healthy. What’s needed is to find some other ways to lessen the damage your hair dye may have on your hair shaft and avoid its impact on your hair growth cycle.
  1. Natural and ammonia-free hair dye products

  2. To do this, the products that contain ammonia and hydrogen peroxide should be kept from your beauty cabinet.

    • You should use hair dyes with natural ingredients.
    • Ammonia free dyes that claim to cause no harm to the hair cuticle are quite popular these days. You can search for these products instead of the conventional ones to limit the damage to hair follicles after dyeing.

  3. DIY hair-lightening method

  4. Hair bleaching can cause harm to hair strength and result in hair loss. Fortunately, you can use a simple way to lighten your hair color naturally without using chemicals. The ingredients for this can’t be simpler. You can do this with a kind of food that can be seen in any kitchen-lemon.

    • A lemon
    • Water
    • A spray bottle

    All you have to do is to mix lemon juice and water up, put it in the spray bottle and spray the mixture over your head, especially the hair roots. Then leave the hair to air dry in the sun for the next few hours. The last step is rinsing the lemon juice off your scalp and condition the tresses for them to be nurtured and healthy. The vitamin C in lemon juice will bleach your hair naturally without using chemicals and can give you the natural blonde hair color you’ve always wanted.

Other causes of hair loss

Besides the usage of hair dye, there are other reasons for our hair loss conditions.

  • Genetic reasons

Many of us have to face hair loss as a result of our heredity. Receding hairlines and alopecia in men and women gets visible more and more as they get older.

  • Stress

Stress is detrimental to our mind, body, and even our hair thickness. Someone that goes through constant pressure and anxiety in life may have to face hair loss as the hormones are badly affected. In this case, doing meditations and taking time to relax is necessary. Consulting a therapist should be considered if the conditions show adverse signs.

  • Medications or medical conditions

If you just see some hairs in your shower drain, it is okay but if your hair loss gets out of control and you see your scalp losing unusual large amounts of hair over a long time, you may need to ask real experts’ advice about it. The hair loss can come from a medical condition and you need to pinpoint it as soon as possible. In some cases, hair loss can be a side effect of some pills that you are using. You can ask your doctor for another alternative medication that doesn’t cause hair fall.

  • The natural hair growth cycle

Sometimes the hair loss is not bad news at all. Maybe it is just time for the hair follicle to renew its circle of shedding the old hair and letting the new hair shaft grow. The hair growth cycle is natural and there is nothing to worry about it.

To keep the hair healthy, you should follow a proper hair care treatment routine, have a healthy eating regime and limit the use of your hairdryer.

How we can help

The diet and the routine may take a long time to take effect but you have to go to work, school, and social activities every day and you are not ready to pay so much for a transplant. If you need a quick fix for a reasonable price, Scalp International Hairlines can give a perfect camouflage instantly for you to shortly deal with the bald spot. You can see more posts of Scalp International Hairlines to decide if it suits your style before leaving a message for us for more information.


Solutions for hair loss are a proper hair care routine, a healthy diet, and types of supplements that can supply the body with melanin-a substance help protect hair from being exposed to harmful sun rays. You may also use scalp micropigmentation to quickly cover the baldness. The important thing is to pinpoint the reason for your hair fall and try to solve the related problems.

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