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Does Wearing A Hat Really Cause Baldness?

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It is common to see bald men cherish their hats like it’s one of their survival kits. The relationship between men who suffer from male pattern baldness and their hats is usually due to issues that border around self-confidence and acceptance.

Who can blame them anyway? Baldness does take away the confidence in you because it makes you look old outwardly when you’re still young and beautiful inside.

That said, does wearing a hat cause baldness? We will find out the answer to that in this article and what can cause hair loss, and what treatments are trusted and sure. Before we go ahead, if you’re currently battling hair loss or alopecia, you should consider going for scalp micropigmentation for alopecia. Don’t worry; we’ll talk about it in detail later.

Do hats cause hair loss?

To make it simple and straightforward, the answer would be a huge no, and that’s not because you’re reading it here. In Cleveland Clinic, a doctor said so, and that there is no relationship between hair loss and wearing hats.

You can have your head and hair in hat for a couple of hours every day, and the only thing you’ll notice is how your hair sleeps based on the heat, but that doesn’t affect your hair follicles. So, you can wear a hat as much as you want, and not be worried that you go bald.

With that cleared, what then can we say causes hair loss, if not hat wearing? Let’s take a look at that.

Why are you going bald?

There are so many reasons why hair could be lost, and some of them don’t have anything to do with what you do, eat, or wear. Below are some of the causes of hair loss:

1. Natural causes

Hair can be lost naturally without the interference of any drug, clothing, or lifestyle. There are naturally three phases of for our hair, and they are the anagen phase, during which hair grows from the hair follicles; the next stage after that is known as the catagen phase, during which hair stops growing; and the last stage is the telogen phase, and it’s the period where your hair is shed.

2. Genetics (family history)

Sometimes, hair could be lost because your father or the father before him had the same issue. Does wearing a hat cause balding in me? Well, maybe you could check the pictures of the men in your family before you, to see if they had that problem because they were wearing hats.

Other reasons for hair loss

  • Changes in hormones: hormonal changes can result in hair loss. Some conditions that can cause hormonal changes or imbalance can include thyroid problems, pregnancy, or childbirth.
  • Medical conditions: some medical conditions that can make you experience hair loss include alopecia areata, ringworm or other scalp infections, and trichotillomania.
  • Medication: the medication and supplements you take can cause hair loss. Some drugs intended to treat conditions like arthritis, cancer, depression, gout heart problems, and high blood pressure have been connected to baldness. Birth control pills can also worsen the situation. Check out the relationship between birth control and hair loss to know what you’re doing wrong.
  • Stress: Although losing hair to stress is temporary, continued involvement in stressful events can lead to a permanent loss of hair.
  • Excessive hairstyling or hairstyles: this also is temporary, but hairstyles that require your hairline to be continually carved backward can ruin the look of your hair. This can take very long to recover from. Also, hairstyles such as cornrows and pigtails can cause traction alopecia because they pull the hair back.

If wearing a hat cause hair loss, I know a handful of people who wouldn’t have a single hair in their heads right now because they do it for fashion, and they do it every day.

Remedy for hair loss

Whether or not you wear hats, hair should not be missing from your head. However, if any of the above reasons cause you to go bald, here are some solutions to go for.

1. Healthy lifestyle

If your hair loss problems are as a result of stress, medication, or poor nutrition, you need to consider starting a healthy lifestyle. Eat properly, and reduce activities that cause stress.

2. Scalp micropigmentation

Also known as SMP or tricopigmentation, scalp micropigmentation is one of the best and most trusted solutions to hair loss because the results are permanent. It involves the process of tattooing your head with tiny dots that represent pigments and give the illusion of hair follicles.

3. Hair transplant

This should be your last resort, but it involves moving hair from one part of your body to that part that suffers hair loss.


There are hair loss myths about hair, hat, and baldness, and one of them is the belief that excessive wearing of a hat can result in a shortage of blood flow to the head. That is wrong in every alphabet.

So, does wearing hats cause baldness? I’m very sure you already know the answer to that. You can contact Scalp International Hairlines (all rights reserved) for a beautiful scalp micropigmentation that gives you that natural looking hair and hairline.

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