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What’s The Connection Between Hair Loss And Weight Loss?

Hair loss and weight loss are two terms that people on a diet always bring into the same conversation. Whether you are new to dieting or you have been on it for quite some time, it always helps to know the real reason behind why your hair seems to keep falling off. Is this due to weight loss and dieting? We will find out right away.

Why is my hair falling out and going thin?

Hair loss happens for so many reasons, most of which have nothing to do with weight gain or weight loss. Before we get into whether weight loss has anything to do with it, let us first consider some of the hair loss causes. Below are most of the popular ones.

  • Nature: our hair has four stages to grow. It starts with the anagen phase, where hair continually grows without stopping. Most of the hair grown within this period would usually stay the same for up to seven years. The next phase after that is the catagen phase, where most of your hair strands are detached from the blood supply, and you know that without blood, nothing grows. The next stage is the telogen phase, where new hair starts to grow from the follicles where the old ones left. A condition known as telogen effluvium can occur as side effects of sudden weight loss. The last phase, which is the one you may be noticing, is the exogen phase, where about fifty to hundred hair strands fall from the follicles and off your head each day, but relax; the new ones will take their place.
  • Heredity: you may have heard about male pattern baldness, also known as alopecia. Alopecia doesn’t only happen to men; women can also get the condition if they have a family history of baldness. Alopecia is one major cause of hair loss in males and women older than forty. However, it can affect young people too.
  • Hormone changes: changes in your androgen levels can result in thinning hair and coarseness. If you experience thinning hair or hair loss during puberty, menopause, or other hormone-related issues, it could cause the problem. Stress and depression can also affect your hormones and hinder hair growth for a while or lead to hair loss.
  • Unhealthy diet: Most people get into the temptation to eat fad diets because most of them promise weight loss and other health benefits, which are usually false. Low protein intake and iron deficiency can also be a huge cause of hair loss. If losing weight is what you want, then you should know that a low caloric intake can reduce the functionality of your body [hair follicles included]. You can employ other nutrition-friendly means to do that.

Note that some health conditions like celiac disease can also cause you to experience weight loss and hair loss. If you are a cancer patient taking some medications to improve your health, you should know that some of their side effects can make you lose hair.

Treatments for hair loss

If you observe that your hair is unusually becoming thin, make sure you consult a healthcare provider. Doctors can advise you better on what to do. However, below are some solutions that can help you boost hair growth or reduce the effects of hair loss.

1. Scalp micropigmentation (SMP)

SMP is one of the best-known ways to keep your head looking lush and beautiful with hair. Aside from helping you regain your beautiful hair after thinning or hair loss, SMP also gives you a well-detailed hairline that only the best of the best barbers can replicate. Scalp micropigmentation on women is even more beautiful than you can imagine

It simply involves using a handheld machine to create tiny pigments on your head to give the illusion of hair follicles. The process is as painless as bathing in the cool water during the summer. Now, you can lose weight as much as you want without worrying about hair loss. Hair loss would never be an issue for you again once you have your SMP made.

2. Proper nutrition

Losing weight has its perks. However, if you must do it, it has to be in a way that doesn’t result in hair loss. Including protein and other necessary nutrients in your menu or daily diet can go a long way in helping your body to function properly and your hair to grow fuller. Also, be careful of how much canned products make up your diet; most of them negatively impact your hair and overall health. Check out this article on how protein deficiency causes hair loss.

3. Medications

consult your doctor for medical advice if you notice any hair loss issue while on your weight loss journey. Several options are depending on the cause. Hair loss is somewhat difficult to treat, which is why a solution such as SMP that solves the problem once and for all can give you a relieving experience.

More treatments for hair loss aside from having a healthy diet and taking medications from doctors while trying to lose weight are: taking long rests, exercising, focusing more on your health, and many other things as advised by your doctor.


The fact remains that hair loss is only associated with weight loss if you don’t have a healthy diet system. It can happen to both males and women, and the best treatment–SMP–also solves everyone’s problem.

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