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Hair Loss Treatment In The United States

If you have sustained some level of hair loss, you are certainly not alone. Here in the United States balding is common, and there are at least thirty five million men losing their hair in the US alone. There are many hair loss treatments out there, and in this article we will cover common statistics and treatment options.


Common Statistics

By the time the typical man reaches thirty five, it’s likely that he’s already started to lose his hair. By age fifty, balding becomes practically inevitable for the vast majority of men. But men are not the only people experiencing hair loss in the United States, though they experience it most commonly. Women also go through hair loss stemming from various causes. There are more than twenty five million women who are dealing with some type and level of hair loss in the United States alone.


Causes of Hair Loss

Balding has a number of causes. The majority of men who suffer from hair loss are experiencing male pattern balding, a condition that has very strong genetic ties. A condition called androgenic alopecia affects a large number of people and is a leading cause of balding and hair loss in women. It’s estimated that around forty percent of all women in the United States suffer from this condition to some extent. It can also affect men, though men are more likely to be affected by male pattern baldness. Other types of hair loss can range from thyroid problems to stress to chemotherapy or post-partum side effects.


Hair Loss Treatment

Fortunately, balding can be treated from a FUE hair transplant procedure, to scalp micropigmentation, to medication prescribed by your doctor. It’s always important to have medical supervision when undergoing any kind of medical treatment. You should pursue methods like scalp micropigmentation as soon as you notice your hair thinning. Acting early can prevent balding from ever really becoming noticeable. The typical man must lose over half the hair on his head for the balding process to become apparent to the average onlooker. Attacking the problem when at an early stage is likely to leave you with the optimal results.


Weighing Treatment Options

You should weigh the pros and cons of each with treatment option with your doctor, from scalp micropigmentation to a hair transplant (either FUE or FUSS). Multiple treatments can also be pursued at once, and a combination of hair loss treatment can leave you with better results than simple pursuing one method alone. You should always discuss your treatment options with a medical professional with a lot of knowledge in the subject. There is no shame in looking at different doctors and reviewing them thoroughly before making a final decision and developing a course of treatment.


Benefits of Hair Loss Treatment

Why seek treatment in the first place? After all, balding isn’t dangerous and is only a cosmetic thing. However, balding can greatly affect your overall appearance, and many people feel incredibly self-conscious about how they look once balding becomes noticeable. Seeking hair loss treatments like SMP can help to restore confidence, and improve the overall quality of life for hair loss sufferers. It can improve one’s professional appearance and even give dating life a boost if they’re trying to date. Hair restoration for many people is far more than a simple cosmetic procedure and can have a profound impact than many realize.


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