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Is Hairspray Bad For Your Hair? Here’s The Truth

Everyone wants to hold their hair in place with hairspray but doesn’t want to lose hairs. Should your style of hair cost you your overall style? Does the type of hairspray have anything to do with this? Should you even spray hairspray on your head in the first place? Hold your questions; you will get the answers below.

There have been some hair loss myth about hair styling products and their connection with hair loss and hair thinning; however, there has not been any scientific proof that backs the claim, so we are going to look at what the hairspray is made of and see if it has the ability to damage your hair.

Hairspray content

Hairsprays are made of concentrates, propellants, luster agents, fragrances, plasticizers, and other slightly harsh chemicals that help to hold your hair together.

Propellants such as butane, propane, isobutane, and others are major ingredients in every hair spray product you see. These are hydrocarbons which came into use, replacing CFCs that got banned for their negative effects on the ozone layer.

Some brands may use other ingredients in their hair spray products, but these are the ones you would, most likely find in most of the available ones.

Does hairspray damage hair?

There are very few things that can actually damage your hair, and none of them are included in the hairspray products. For hair to be lost, something has to have damaged the hair follicle root, and the hairspray doesn’t have that ability. Below are some of the major causes of hair loss that you may need to be more aware of than your hair spray:

1. Dandruff

Although dandruff doesn’t directly damage your hair in any way, the constant itching and pulling of hair can damage your scalp temporarily and slow down the process of hair growth. This effect is usually not long-lasting, so you will get your shine back in a little while. However, the root cause of dandruff can also determine if hairs will ever grow on your scalp again.

Dandruff doesn’t just come. It is usually caused by another underlying illness or the extensive use of some hair products and styling substances. If you notice dandruff on your head, you should get rid of it before it gets rid of your hair.

2. Hormonal changes

Another thing that can lead to hair loss is hormonal changes, which can occur at any time in your life. Hormonal changes can be a result of stress, an illness, or even just age.

3. Genetics

Before you blame your hair loss on hairsprays, check to ensure that none of your family members are facing the same problem. It doesn’t matter what age you’re in or what hair type you have; when it is time for genetics to occur, it will, whether you spray hairspray or not.

4. Alcohol

There is no direct connection between alcohol and alopecia; however, excessive alcohol intake can result in dehydration, hormonal issues, and nutritional deficiencies, which will tell on your hair’s health. If your styling product is made with alcohol, you have to watch how often you use it because ethanol can cause hair to dry out, and most hairspray brands use it in large quantities because the best way to hold the hair in place is to keep it dry.

More non-spray related actions that can cause hair loss include your choice of hairstyle.

Solution for hair loss

You may have been introduced to several solutions, which may not have worked for you. The truth is, there are only a few things you can do about your hair loss issues.

1. Scalp micropigmentation (SMP)

Hairline density_
female hair restoration

SMP is one of the best and even many men’s favorite hair loss solution because it saves you the stress of applying, reapplying, and repeating the application process of creams and other self-acclaimed cures to hair loss. Scalp micropigmentation on women may be done slightly differently, but the results are amazing.

If you get your SMP done by a skilled technician, your hairlines would be beautifully outlined, and you won’t have to worry about what hairstyles to do at any time. The solution works for every hair color, covering your scalp surface with tiny tattoo dots that give an illusion of hair follicles. Does scalp micropigmentation look real? Absolutely!

2. Natural remedies

Natural remedies can avail you only little if your hair loss issue is caused by genetics. However, if the problem is from hormonal changes and stress-related problems, it should be able to get you back with time.

3. Hair transplant

This solution is more like a hair surgery, which involves removing hair from one part of the body and planting it on another.


Hairspray doesn’t directly connect with your hair gain or loss; however, if you are excessively using a hairspray containing a lot of alcohol, you can prepare to see your hair breaking once in a while. Hair care is one of the most important aspects of beauty, and, as such, you have to pay extra attention to the hair-styling product you are using on it.

After you have used a hairspray product to hold your hairstyle, ensure to wash your hair before you go to bed at night to avoid a build-up of chemicals, including alcohol, that can ruin the texture of your hair.

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