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Hair Loss on One Side Only? Here’s What You Can Do About It

hair loss on one side

In this post, I want to mention hair loss on one side, it is when the volume on one side of our head is less thick or even visibly sparser than the other. Everything seems to turn upside down when our head looks asymmetrical because of this. Our social life and confidence are affected badly and severely.

This article is about the reasons considered as links to thinning hair density on one side and one of the most effective ways to solve it: Scalp Micropigmentation. For women who have been experiencing hair loss on a side of the head, the micropigmentation for the ladies is now considered by many as a quick and effective fix which is really worth trying. You can visit the link and leave an email on the web site to contact Scalp International Hairlines for it.

What Are The Causes of Losing Hair On One Side?

There are several possible reasons that can result in this, from several genetic patterns to medical conditions.

1.Too much hairstyling

The might-be-the-most-common thing that leads to hair loss on one head’s side can be the scarring from too many times of doing different hairstyles such as hair perm, relaxing, or straightening,… In the past, I often had my hair pulled to one side of my head as my favorite hairstyle. I would have the other side pinned down tightly with hairpins. But then, the left region of my head started to experience hair falling for the constant traction. So I had to decide to stop doing this hair grooming and to take some hair-strengthening products and finally could breathe a breath of relief when seeing more hair growth on the spots that had grown thin.

2.Most people sleep on their right side

For many people, the problem might be the position that they are sleeping in every day. If you are among the people who have the tendency of sleeping on one side, this might affect the follicles that are often suppressed for about 8 hours a day. The blood flow that goes through the follicles would be imped and as a result, there will be less nutrient that reaches them. This finally would harm the natural hair growth cycle that inherently needs enough nutrients to develop and baby hair strength. Consequently, your hair would look like it has thinning hair volume on one side than the other. In fact, a survey conducted by Saatva Mattress found that more Americans sleep on the right side of the bed than on the left. So you can imagine that this would be a problem for many people.

3.The non-uniformly distribution

In some cases, maybe the hair growth on both sides of your head is completely normal and neither of the sides has an unusual little amount of tresses. Some people have the right side or the left side of super thick hair volume which makes the other seems flat and thin. There is an interesting fact that some type of follicle which is called a compound follicle has a more-than-one hair body growing from them. If a one-sided scalp area is occupied with these follicles, that extra-dense area would be visible to the eye as denser than the remaining part which leads to your mistaken idea of an area having unflattering thinning hair.

4.Blood-circulating system problems

As mentioned before, enough amount of bloodstream must be flown through blood vessels over the scalp to maintain a healthy hair-developing cycle and bring nutrients for nurturing and strengthening the roots. To determine whether your hairs are falling because of the unhealthy bloodstream system or not, you can have some blood tests for a circulatory issue. Visiting a doctor for consultation regarding the condition of your head skin would also give you a hand in telling exactly what the problem is from.

5.Genetic causes

Male or Female Pattern Baldness or Androgenetic alopecia is not an unfamiliar term to many of us. Pattern baldness is usually seen as the falling of tresses from the temples or from the forehead hairlines. Alopecia areata (spot baldness), on the other hand, is often seen as the hair loss on different sections of the head. The spot that suffers from hair loss can be on the left, or on the right side of the head. Another factor for losing hair in different areas is telogen effluvium-a temporary hair loss condition caused by a shock to the system. All of these risk factors majorly result from heredity.

What Causes Female Hair Loss?

So what are the problems that tend to harm women’s locks the most? Instead of facing the risk of receding hairline and hair falling from the temples like men, women often experience sparser hairs on the part lines and widespread hair loss from the crown. These are signs of pattern hair loss (or androgenetic alopecia) for both men and women but it is more common that men’s crowns grow bald rather than women.

Besides the above causes, medicals conditions are also factors that contribute to female hair loss. Alopecia areata can cause spots of the head to grow bald. If the case is serious enough, you would need a consultation from a doctor for medical advice diagnosis, or treatment. Stress is another of many reasons that result in hormone levels imbalance in the body and so, in hair disappearance. In case you are struggling with any psychological or emotional problem, I suggest that you come to a psychologist for proper therapy for your mental health.

In addition, another common factor that can cause hair fall in women is too much hairstyling as mentioned in the first section of the article.

How Scalp Micropigmentation Can Help

What is it?

This innovative method of hair loss camouflage is an easy and time-saving way to cover baldness spots for people that have been struggling with alopecia areata, androgenetic alopecia (pattern baldness), or telogen effluvium. It is safe and is a quick as well as an effective fix for esthetic purposes that helps replicate natural hair follicles cut close to the skin surface using the stippling pattern tattoo. So if a side of your head or the hairline of your temples suffers from hair loss and you want to cover it quickly for a nice look to avoid any of these things interfering with your social life, I think it is a perfect choice. Your hairs will look like they are spread equally on both sides of your head. While taking medications or hair practices may take a quite long time for the hair to grow fully again, with scalp micropigmentation, you can quickly cover the bald spot up for social events and recover your confidence which may have been brought down considerably because of the hair falling severity.

How does it work?

Going through this method, your scalp sections are covered with pigment dots with microneedles to give the look of a full-of-hair head. This is quite the same as tattooing and can definitely act as assistance in concealing a particular area that has had to suffer from hair loss. A skillful technician must create a perfect camouflage of ink dots that mingles seamlessly with your complexion shade.

The process of micropigmentation consists of 3 sessions although it varies depending on different elements such as the seriousness of your hair loss, the type of hairstyles that you like… During the process, you will get your scalp inked with orifices by the electronic needles. The skin on your head will get tiny wounds when the dots of ink are emblazoned on it. Finally, they would gradually be disappearing and the formerly bald spots on your skin will be replaced with tiny inked orifices making them look like they are having a shadow of natural hair follicles. The assistance of the ink shades must be closely paid attention to by the skill practitioners. If the shades are wrongly chosen, the hair color will get much less attractive. For example, if the right side of your head is short of hair revealing an empty scalp section. The practitioners must carefully reckon through different shades of ink to find the color that makes the inked orifices close to the natural hair follicles and the hair color.

The benefits

  • Little side effects or perhaps non: your skin may get a little irritated during or after the procedure but this depends on your skin tone.
  • It can conceal the bald spots or scars from surgeries with a brilliantly natural look.
  • It is a quick and painless fix for improving the baldness countenance.
  • The pigment stays eternal: It is quite the same as getting tattoos which means the ink dots may stay permanent but you still can get them removed like tattoos.

Please feel free to contact Scalp International Hairlines by leaving an email on Scalp International Hairlines website and get your hair loss covered by the highly trained Scalny experts.


Micropigmentation is a perfect choice for covering your bald spots. You can leave an email for Scalpny to get an appointment to get the procedure. Besides, it is necessary that you get a consultation from hair loss experts or doctors for knowing exactly whether there is something wrong with your body and hair growth cycle. You should also develop new strong tresses by embracing habits that are known as links to healthy hair such as taking supplement products such as b vitamins, keeping hair from heat, and traction. I really hope that we all will hair gorgeous and healthy hair for more confidence in life.

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