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List of Scalp Micropigmentation Tools and Equipment

Hair loss is a common problem for both men and women throughout their lives. It can occur anywhere in our body but most commonly affects the scalp. Hair loss is not always an easy thing to deal with. Some don’t embrace it, which frequently leads to psychological distress, but other people can accept it as part of their lives. But you don’t need to worry about being bald with the help of scalp micropigmentation.

The Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) industry is becoming an exciting new market with many possible uses.  Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) can be used by anyone who needs it. Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) can really help both males and females. Let’s discuss scalp micropigmentation services with guaranteed results!

What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Why you should choose scalp micropigmentation procedure? Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is an advanced formula of make-up pigmentation. It creates an illusion of fuller and permanent makeup by placing layered dots with different hues among your existing hair. Quite exactly a pigment of hair stubble on your scalp. This will also create shadows on your scalp so it will look natural and will blend your complexion. Practitioners and Technicians have improved thousands of lives by the use of this scalp micropigmentation process.

What tools are used for Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP)?

Equipment, pigments, and techniques have advanced in the Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) industry. Inks are not the only thing that can give the best SMP result. The best scalp pigmentation results can only be acquired with the right tools and a skillful specialist.

Technicians, transplant doctors, and other practitioners that do not just follow practice guides but have extensive medical training experience to ensure and guarantee that their service can mimic the natural hair-follicles and provide consistency of results for every patient or client. Flick through to learn more about scalp micropigmentation kit, tools, and machines.

  1. Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) Pigments
  2. The pigments that are used in the micropigmentation procedure are specialized formulas designed specifically for application to the scalp. It is a combination of a fibrous structural protein called Keratin. These pigments or inks are specially engineered pigments used to deliver precise implantation. Some also use organic-based pigment. Before starting the micropigmentation procedure, you also need to communicate and work with the practitioners to know the perfect color that can work and compliments your eyebrows and skin. Pigment color combination is possible to create perfect shades that can suit your complexion. Pigments do not change color in the skin. These pigments/inks are a way different from traditional tattoo ink because kit like low-quality pigment is not used in this process. Scalp pigmentation requires extraordinary precision of hand movements as well as devices used to handle pigment.

  3. Power Supply
  4. The right power supply for Scalp micropigmentation is important for control of the speed and voltage on any type of scalp. Without adequate power supplies, needles will not have enough power. If there is no good power supply, it could result in blowouts and unfavorable results.

  5. Needles
  6. Needles are used for pigment applications. The result of using such a small needle is that you can’t even tell the difference between an actual follicle and ink deposited by a scalp micropigmentation (SMP) needle. These needles are smaller than the smallest size of kit needles used by a tattoo artist.

  7. Ink Caps Kit
  8. Ink Caps are an important kit used to hold pigments or inks.

  9. Scalp Micropigmentation Pen
  10. Lightweight pens are needed in performing scalp micropigmentation so it’s easy to hold, stable, and capable of delivering precise pigment implantation. There are different variations for SMP pens. Some have interchangeable strokes to cater different scalp pigmentation styles.

  11. Treatment Chairs
  12. The client’s comfort is of top priority when treatment is being done, that’s why it’s essential to have an optimal treatment/massage chair so pratitioners can work at their best and clients can enjoy the experience while sitting comfortably.

  13. Barrier Film and Cord Strip Covers
  14. These tools are needed to ensure safety for both client and practitioner. Barrier films and cord strip covers help avoid tripping or falling.

  15. Medical Grade Sanitizing Wipes
  16. Medical Grade Sanitizing Wipes helps avoid catching infections when the procedure is being done. This helps kill bacteria and germs ensuring your safety and making the treatments as sterile as possible.

  17. Medical Grade Gloves
  18. Just like Medical Grade Sanitizing Wipes, Medical Grade Gloves also protect both the client and the practioner from bacteria and germs alike. This also help in making the treatment as sterile as possible to ensure client safety.

  19. Facemask
  20. With the current health crisis we’re experiecing now, it is not only crucial, but required to wear face mask while doing treatments. This helps reduce exposure for everybody in the room. The people in Scalp International Hairlines have always been using facemasks to ensure safety for everyone.

  21. T-blade Trimmers
  22. If you want a fresh look after getting a scalp micropigmentation procedure, then, trimmers are a must-have. We recommend getting one to maintain a clean buzz-cut.

Scalp Micropigmentation Machine

It is very important to be mindful and search about the kit, machine, and device your SMP USA provider is using for your treatment. Scalp micropigmentation machine should be used by a professional. USA provides the highest quality Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) machine, device, cartridge, pigment, and supplies in the industry. Practitioners use lightweight, efficient and stable tools and equipment.

They are specially engineered to deliver precise pigment implantation. USA will go in-depth with every necessary step to create the SMP machine structure.

Factors to Consider

Scalp micropigmentation machine should be sufficiently solid to deal with its power supply. High-quality devices, machines, and equipment will be used to ensure that the service will result in its optimum level. Scalp pigmentation machine should have proper RPM and the least vibration.

The important factor is that the device is equipped with different thicknesses of needles. It is very beneficial if the device operates properly. Device and machine make the scalp micropigmentation procedure quicker and more precise. Machines should be crafted with precision accuracy to provide professional power.

Scalp Micropigmentation machine equipped with a powerful motor with advanced gearing system allowing smooth and consistent power supplies.


If you are looking for the highest quality treatment for your scalp that costs with reasonable price, SMP will be highly recommended. Treatment search procedures that are not worthy of their price are a big no. The quality of Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is recognizable around the world. There are a lot of high-quality SMP treatment centers and companies, especially in the USA.

There are companies that focus very heavily on training like International Hairlines Academy. With many years of existence, thousands of sessions completed, and artists have been trained for scalp micropigmentation. There is no safer treatment other than this procedure. One thing that we ensure about this procedure is its worthy result consistency for the clients.

Post-procedure treatments are not required after hairline pigmentation. The procedure is pretty much painless and has a lesser risk of infection. Scalp International Hairlines provides you the exercise of full diligence in opting for your practitioner.

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