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Reasons Why People Regret Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp micropigmentation is a delicate procedure. Getting a hair tattoo is one of those critical decisions you’ll have to make as you go along life, you know, like getting a cat, or a pet python, or a dog. Therefore, information is power. Scalp micropigmentation regrets are not a strange thing, especially if you go to a bad hair clinic.

The number one scalp micropigmentation rule is to get an expert to do it. There are several reasons as to why a patient may have decided to opt for scalp micropigmentation removal. First, the person may have received a lousy scalp micropigmentation. Second, the patient can determine that the outcome fell below expectations even though the treatment proceeded as initially hoped. Finally, over time, people may decide that they want to do a style makeover, and the SMP treatment might be an obstacle. Mostly, if you so wish for this hair tattoo removal, you three options – UNDO™., laser removal, or saline removal. Information is vital. Let’s give you some.

What Is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp micropigmentation is a procedure that deploys a stippling pattern tattoo that imitates hair follicles cut close to the scalp. As a reasonably new technique, scalp micropigmentation can significantly address the cosmetic issues that arise from the hair loss conditions mentioned at the outset. The tattoo industry has undergone a cultural shift since 2008, which made scalp micropigmentation acceptable as a hair loss solution. It’s a procedure similar to hair tattooing, where your hair tattoo line is micro-punched. Your hair tattoo lines need to look natural; otherwise, you’ll have regrets. That said, there are major differences that make scalp micropigmentation an utterly different domain in relation to tattooing head. Tattoos hairline treatment is not like getting inked in just a regular tattoo way.

The purpose of scalp pigmentation is to replicate your natural hair follicles while simultaneously strengthening and adding density to the thinning sections.

Do You Qualify for an SMP Repair?

If you have a terrible scalp micropigmentation, you are the perfect candidate for a scalp micropigmentation repair treatment. You made the honest mistake of going to the wrong company or some backwoods tattooist who has no clue on the treatment’s delicacy and got yourself a bad scalp micropigmentation. The reason is that you had insufficient information.

Additionally, scalp micropigmentation is also for those with scars from hair transplants. A hair transplant scar is inevitable, which means you’ll need an SMP repair treatment to help in hair transplant concealment. Remember, you should know the difference between scalp micropigmentation and hair transplant difference. So, get the right information.

Reasons for Scalp Micropigmentation Regret

  • Incompetent Technicians

Scalp Micropigmentation turns out despicably horrible if the person doing is inapt because of a lack of proper training. As a good rule of thumb, the depth of know-how of SMP that each technician needs to possess has different applications predicated on gender, ethnicity, and shape. A great clinic should have let their technicians some across the various uses of SMP so that they can be ready to offer what you may need. You should see which pieces of information to ask.

  • Mismatched Pigment

Scalp or head tattoos that are poorly applied usually become green or blue. The pigment deployed has not been tailored to the specific scalp or has no optimization for colorfastness. Thus, as a patient, it is part of your due diligence process for you to ask for past results of the recommended pigment at the clinic of your choice. What you need to look for is whether the dye creates a natural look, not to mention unedited photos or even talk to a client.

Note: even if the pigment looks natural, it can fade into green or blue; if not, it is not scalp-specific.

  • Erroneous Puncture Sizes and Using the Wrong Tools

Adequate scalp micropigmentation involves delivering proper tiny, follicular units into the dermis with minute-sized electronic needs such that the impression created looks like a single hair follicle. If the sizes of these follicular units are wrong, then there is a higher chance that the SMP will become botched. Sufficiently applied SMP should be undetectable from real hair strands.

Benefits of Scalp Micropigmentation Removal

  • The primary reason is the psychological acceptance of hair loss
  • The adoption of a new lifestyle
  • Health concerns, like delayed ink reaction, which can take years
  • Less invasive to the body
  • Fixing a bad SMP

Scalp Micropigmentation Removal Techniques

As earlier mentioned in the outset, you have three available treatment options for the removal of a scalp micropigmentation treatment: laser removal, saline removal, and UNDO™.

1. Laser Removal

Laser tattoo removal is a process that uses high-energy lasers to penetrate the skin. It indelibly destroys the particles of the ink used within the cells that render color to the epidermal emblem. How to fade micropigmentation is a matter of skill, and the treatment can be somewhere between 3-10 sessions, which is dependent on a smorgasbord of factors.

2. UNDO™ Scalp Micropigmentation Removal

This novel process arose from the famous scalp micropigmentation educators Candice Piroli and Seif Sidky of Estetique International. The technique does not utilize any saline or lasers, which sets it up to be the preferred system of removal of SMP practitioners.

UNDO™ provides some brilliant advantages over the other options, viz:

  • Clinics can offer it quickly; thus, it will spread like a virus
  • Less meddlesome than the saline option
  • Much less painful than laser removal
  • Safe for all skin tones

3. Saline SMP Removal

This technique has become popular in the permanent makeup world. The process involves the use of saltwater and a tattoo machine. That said, there are various proprietary methods, each having its formula and its edge. Some of the brands in the game include Botched Ink, A+Ocean, Scalpa, and Li-FT. It would help if you had more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I Regret Scalp Micropigmentation?

No, you will not regret it. But in case it is not done well, you will.

Does Scalp Micropigmentation Fade?

Yes, scalp micropigmentation fades. Since it is ink, it will interact with your cells and it will fade over time, which is why you can get a touch-up.

Before and After Scalp Micropigmentation

If you are suffering from hair loss, an uneven hairline, or want a simple touch up, visit a hair loss clinic, whether based in New York or Los Angeles. One of the most crucial things you also need to do is read client testimonials. Do all the research, get as much information as you will need about the procedure. And FYI, this is not just his hair clinic; it is also her hair clinic. Tell you what you should create an information itinerary, it is the number one priority.

Ready to change your life?

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