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Scalp Micropigmentation vs. Microblading: Which Is Best For You?

A professional performing scalp micropigmentation on a woman

Microblading vs. micropigmentation has been a cause for arguments for a very long time. The importance and advantage of one over the other, especially in terms of longevity and procedure; who needs which one and when? All these have been a source of confusion, but not anymore because you’ll see, in this article, what you’ll forgo in one to get the other.

What is Scalp Microblading?

Scalp microblading is a semi-permanent hair loss solution that involves implanting hair-like strokes on the head of people with alopecia or related hair loss problems. These hair strokes don’t replicate the actual hair strands. They only create an illusion that there is hair in that region of the scalp.

Microblading Hairline

Scalp microblading was formerly known only for filling the brows to give a unique look to the face. However, it has recently moved from just the brows and is now applied to the scalp. Scalp microblading is done with a hand-held blade used to carve pigment strokes that resemble natural hairs.

What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Like microblading, micropigmentation, also known as tricopigmentation, is an aesthetic treatment that involves using a hand-held tool. However, unlike microblading, that is only a semi-permanent solution, micropigmentation has to do with placing tiny dots of pigment on the head of the person who’s suffering from alopecia, but with permanence.

SMP is a hair tattooing solution to alopecia, proven to be effective, especially because you can get a beautiful hairline when the job has been completed. SMP is generally used for the scalp but can also be done on the brows to give an illusion of fuller brows.

One question that you’ll find everywhere on the internet is whether any of the treatments mentioned above can replace the creams and drugs paraded as cures to the problem. If you have used creams and medicines to try to return your natural hair, you’ll know that most of them don’t do what they claim to do. Plus, they take so much time, effort, and money.

Microblading and micropigmentation are hair loss treatments on their own and offer various benefits to users that creams cannot. They also have slight disadvantages that you would not have to worry about.

Pros and Cons of Microblading

Let’s look at the benefits and downsides to these treatments and see which one offers better results and solutions to hair loss problems.

Pros of Microblading

  • It’s a semi-permanent solution, which makes it an excellent treatment for people who are suffering from a temporary hair loss.
  • You have beautiful brows all through the day.
  • Make-up time is significantly reduced for women.
  • It’s more affordable than micropigmentation.

Cons of Microblading

  • It could be done wrongly by an inexperienced technician who’s not very conversant with the microblading technique.
  • Semi-permanence: even though this is also listed as part of the pros, you might need to change the style of your brows, but it wouldn’t be possible. Microblading can last up to 12 months or even more.
  • It could cause some skin complications if the blade isn’t sterilized.
  • May not solve hairline issues.

Pros and Cons of Micropigmentation

Pros of Micropigmentation

  • It’s a non-surgical procedure and will not take the whole of your day.
  • The treatment process is painless. The technician applies a numbing agent to the area before tattooing is done.
  • Gives you that youthful look.
  • The results may last forever. However, you may need a little touch up once in a while.
  • The treatment works for all skin types. The technician applies different shades of pigment to the skin to make it look as natural as possible.
  • It restores your confidence.

Cons of Micropigmentation

  • You’ll need to prevent water from touching your head for some hours or days, depending on the direction of the technician.
  • It won’t turn grey as you age as it’s not a creation of your skin.
  • Removal of the tattoo may be impossible as it is a permanent solution.
  • SMP isn’t for people who want long hairs.


Scalp micropigmentation will give you a more natural look, no matter your skin type or color. The different shades of black pigment will be placed strategically all over the bald area to give you a fine low cut appearance.

Micropigmentation is far better than microblading because it goes beyond just creating an illusion of hair follicles. SMP, when done well, can revitalize your hairline.

SMP will give you a longer-lasting result than microblading. Areas of hair growth can be shaved clean to make it look neater. You can also go for scalp micropigmentation with transplant to fill in the parts that might require real hair (this is mainly for women).

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