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Scalp Micropigmentation Myths


Hello and thank you for taking time to read this brief article. There is so much misinformation out about Scalp Micropigmentation that I decided debunk the Top 10 myths I have seen online or have been asked about personally in my our practice

1. It doesn’t look natural or real

I get it and can understand why this myth is out there for several reasons: First, not all scalp micropigmentation treatments are equal, there are some really bad examples out there that don’t look natural, but, a good SMP technician, using the correct equipment and who’s trained properly can make your treatment looks sensational. The second reason is that the picture’s posted online are usually right after a procedure where the treatment hasn’t settled, and you often see a before and after so the transformation is obvious. In the real world SMP treatment is much more subtle and realistic.

2. The color won’t match exact or will look odd if your natural hair goes grey

This myth has no merit as shaven hair all looks the same. On a good SMP treatment it will be impossible to tell where the pigment finishes and real hair starts.

3. Hair is 3D, so micropigmentation will obviously not look like hair

For scalp micropigmentation to look authentic you have to keep your head shaved. Of course, if you let the sides grow out it will look odd, but as long as you keep your head shaved every 2-3 days you’ll have no issue and shaven hair isn’t 3D.

4. Scalp Micropigmentation will fade away

Scalp micropigmentation WILL fade, just like a tattoo but it will take many many years and is unlikely to completely fade away. This will vary from person to person depending on their skin, how they treat their scalp after with using sun screen and a good moisturizer, and how good their treatment was.

5. People will notice and comment

This may be the hardest thing for me to convince you is a myth because it was the thing I found the hardest to believe – but it will shock you just how little people notice. People have their own interests and while they may notice a change in you it is incredibly unlikely they’ll notice you’ve had scalp micropigmentation treatment.

6. Scalp Micropigmentation is just dots tattooed on your head

The experts will tell you it’s not about tattooing dots on your head, but, about leaving space between the dots. It is a REAL skill that takes practice and expertise to master. Of particular importance is the blending of the SMP to your existing hair.

7. You have to shave your head everyday

This may depend on the speed that your hair grows. My hair tends to grow fast but I typically shave every other day, some of my clients can go a full week without shaving but SMP treatment looks its best after a shave but in my opinion still looks good a few days afterwards.

8. Scalp Micropigmentation is expensive

This is of course relative to your perception of the value of your image and the quality of service you select. For me price WAS NOT a consideration. I could have had scalp micropigmentation treatment for a third of the total cost I paid but I didn’t trust the clinic to deliver a service of the quality I classed worthy.

In terms of is it worth the money for me it’s a 100% YES. It has transformed my confidence and the way I look.

9. You can only have Scalp Micropigmentation if you are bald

This is obviously a myth. Many people opt for scalp micropigmentation to give the effect that their hair isn’t thinning out and to make the transition from having thinning hair to a shaven head more subtle.

10. Scalp Micropigmentation is only for men

As debunked Myth number 9 suggests you don’t have to be bald to benefit from scalp micropigmentation therefore it can help ladies to hide the effects of thinning hair, and of course women can look great with shaven heads too!

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