Can Pomade Cause Hair Loss For Men?

pomade, shaver, and hair brush on a gray mat

I remember my dad using pomade when I was just a toddler. That distinct scent of the pomade never fails to trigger the memory of him in my childhood. Though I never use it myself-only when the occasion or an event warrant it-, I do wonder if hair pomade is bad for your hair. At […]

List of Scalp Micropigmentation Tools and Equipment

Jerod Schoonmaker performing scalp micropigmentation

Hair loss is a common problem for both men and women throughout their lives. It can occur anywhere in our body but most commonly affects the scalp. Hair loss is not always an easy thing to deal with. Some don’t embrace it, which frequently leads to psychological distress, but other people can accept it as […]

How Puberty Can Affect Hair Loss

teenager with curly black hair in a yellow tshirt

There is a fact that to anyone of any age, hair loss in daily life is irritating. It can result in lowered self-confidence and self-esteem especially when the hair loss condition gets out of control. Although an adult is more likely to have pattern baldness or alopecia, hair loss in teens can also happen and […]

How Insufficient Sleep Affect Hair Loss

a woman finding it hard to sleep

The role sleep plays in the regulation of brain function, regeneration, and production of adult stem cells. Therefore, even a slight disturbance to your sleep can affect your body and mind such as memory loss, mood disorders, depression, and eating disorders. Sleep deprivation is one of the reasons for the higher risk of diabetes, heart […]

5 Differences of Male and Female Hairline

comparison between a male and a female hairline for black people

The hairline is a crucial part of framing and defining the face and balances other parts like the nose, chin, eyebrows, eyes, etc. It is distinctive among people based on its shape or height, however, there are several typical characteristics listed below respectively to men and women. Understanding the features of male vs female hairline […]

How Does Chlorine Affect Hair Loss?

man performing a butterfly stroke on a swimming pool

Swimming pools are inviting during summer time when the climate is hot and humid, especially for people who frequent swimming pools, on a daily basis, who train to be professional swimmers. Researchers examined 67 professional swimmers and 54 nonswimmers and found that 61 percent of the swimmers showed signs of hair discoloration, compared with none […]

How Does Hair Dyeing Affect Hair Loss?

woman dyeing the hair of a man

Changing hair color has always been known as one of the most popular ways to get cooler looks but according to many experts, it can lead to hair loss or alopecia. To solve the problem, many women scalp micropigmentation services have been introduced and those of Scalp International Hairlines are considered among the most effective […]

Receding Hairline in Female: Causes, Prevention and Treatment

stressed woman with receding hairline

You rarely see women getting bald unlike men. Although the data shows males have a higher percentage of hair loss (alopecia) compared to females, they do get them, even looking for solutions cosmetically like scalp micropigmentation services for ladies. The content of this article is to thoroughly discuss what every woman must know about receding […]

Scalp Micropigmentation Aftercare: Guidelines You Can Follow

noscalp micropigmentation aftercare no pain no gain with SMP

Scalp Micro-pigmentation (also SMP) is a medical-grade process of deploying pigments into the upper dermal layer of the skin on the scalp. This procedure causes the hair follicle to replicate in the scalp, giving the appearance of a natural shaved head. SMP hair follicles per square inch can vary from hundreds to thousands of pigmented […]

Hair Loss on One Side Only? Here’s What You Can Do About It

hair loss on one side

In this post, I want to mention hair loss on one side, it is when the volume on one side of our head is less thick or even visibly sparser than the other. Everything seems to turn upside down when our head looks asymmetrical because of this. Our social life and confidence are affected badly […]