Scalp Micropigmentation Aftercare: Guidelines You Can Follow

scalp micropigmentation aftercare

Scalp Micro-pigmentation (also SMP) is a medical-grade process of deploying pigments into the upper dermal layer of the skin on the scalp. This procedure causes the hair follicle to replicate in the scalp, giving the appearance of a natural shaved head. SMP hair follicles per square inch can vary from hundreds to thousands of pigmented […]

Hair Loss on One Side Only? Here’s What You Can Do About It

hair loss on one side

In this post, I want to mention hair loss on one side, it is when the volume on one side of our head is less thick or even visibly sparser than the other. Everything seems to turn upside down when our head looks asymmetrical because of this. Our social life and confidence are affected badly […]

Do Scalp Micropigmentation Fade?

scalp micropigmentation fading

Baldness is a common condition in the United States. Studies show that 1 in 5 Americans experience hair loss, leading to baldness or thinning hair. A lot of people have difficulty finding a treatment for this condition. One of the most common methods available today is scalp micropigmentation. There are also many questions about the […]

6 Scalp Micropigmentation Side Effects

man thinking while sitting on a chair

One of the most reliable sources for treating baldness for men is Scalp Micro pigmentation even if it is recent and modern in this area with less research performed. Scalp Micropigmentation services are popular and would be a great choice for your hair loss treatment. However, while uncommon, there are some common cases where after […]

What’s The Connection Between Hair Loss And Weight Loss?

measuring tape

Hair loss and weight loss are two terms that people on a diet always bring into the same conversation. Whether you are new to dieting or you have been on it for quite some time, it always helps to know the real reason behind why your hair seems to keep falling off. Is this due […]

Can Anesthesia Really Cause Hair Loss?

anesthesia and hair loss

For a major surgery to occur, anesthetics have to be administered deaden a part of the body that the surgery would most affect. Although the effects of anesthesia are very evident in your nervous system, there may not be a direct relationship with your hair growth. But then, can anesthesia cause hair loss or affect […]

Is Hairspray Bad For Your Hair? Here’s The Truth

Spraying hairspray on hair

Everyone wants to hold their hair in place with hairspray but doesn’t want to lose hairs. Should your style of hair cost you your overall style? Does the type of hairspray have anything to do with this? Should you even spray hairspray on your head in the first place? Hold your questions; you will get […]

Can Dandruff Really Cause Hair Loss? Here’s What We Know

dandruff and hair loss

“Not all shoulders are supposed to carry dandruff and fallen hair, just a few unlucky ones do.” Dandruff is a condition that makes your scalp have flaky skin. These flakes often fall off, you know the white stuff on your shoulders. Can dandruff cause hair loss? Yes, dandruff does cause temporary hair loss. Mostly, and dandruff […]

Scalp Micropigmentation vs. Microblading: Which Is Best For You?

Scalp Micropigmentation vs. Microblading

Microblading vs. micropigmentation has been a cause for arguments for a very long time. The importance and advantage of one over the other, especially in terms of longevity and procedure; who needs which one and when? All these have been a source of confusion, but not anymore because you’ll see, in this article, what you’ll […]

Tricopigmentation and Scalp Micropigmentation: How Is It Different?

Finding solutions to a scalp problem can be very problematic. The thought of losing their hair scares many men, and some find it very uncomfortable or weird going about without hair on their heads. When getting to the age of 50, most men find themselves in this scenario, wondering where all of their hair went […]