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Scalp Micropigmentation in New York

Straight from the concrete jungle of the Big Apple, where dreams are made of and where the Empire State of Mind is the only state of mind to be in, you can make your may to our center. From the bustling city of New York, you are only one train ride or flight away from Solvay, Onondaga County, Syracuse city, a village-style suburb will all the suggestions of history and allure of East Coast living. Syracuse is located 197 miles (317 kilometers) from New York City. The scenic train ride from New York to Syracuse takes 5-hours, enough time to finish a book or write a poem or if you are caged to the sky, then the flight takes you 1hr 20 min.

Scalp Micropigmentation in North Carolina

If you are located in the SouthEastern Region of the United States, North Carolina, you can make your way to Raleigh, the Six Forks Road. Search for the best scalp micropigmentation near me, and you’ll see us popping up on top of the list. Come and get your hair did!