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Scalp Micropigmentation Repair​

So you have gone to get your scalp micropigmentation procedure, and you are all excited, but the technician doing the process messes it up. And now you are distraught, clenching your jaw, and wondering why you did it in the first place, you should have succumbed to the Fates’ cruelty and accepted your destiny- premature hair loss or something. Your scalp now looks like someone wasn’t paying attention in hair tattooing class. You are thinking of suing; you are even thinking of writing a scathing tweet as an indictment to the horrible service you have received from this company. The manager of the company is trying to calm you down, and in your head, you suddenly remember Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice and what Shylock said of Antonio, “How like a fawning publican he looks!” You want your pound of flesh and say to yourself-if I can only get him once at the hip-you will satisfy that ancient grudge born by every customer who has endured a bad service. The manager talks about giving you a free scalp micropigmentation repair. Still, you are beyond the shallow marketing- all you need is a simple scalp micropigmentation repair or scalp makeover without the unnecessary noise of inefficient training. You would not have any blame thinking that- see over the past couple of years, there has been a surge in the number of inadequately-trained permanent makeup and cosmetic technicians. Hair transplant surgeons and tattoo artists stand in the gap to ensure that you don’t end up with a bad scalp and poor results. Therefore, we cannot stress enough the importance of doing your research when it comes to getting a scalp micropigmentation.

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What Is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp micropigmentation is a procedure that deploys a stippling pattern tattoo that imitates hair follicles cut close to the scalp. As a relatively novel technique, scalp micropigmentation can substantially address the cosmetic issues that arise from the hair loss conditions mentioned at the outset. The tattoo industry has undergone a cultural augmentation since the last two years of the first decade of the millennium, which made scalp micropigmentation an increasingly socially acceptable hair loss solution for tackling apropos scalp and hair challenges. It’s a procedure similar to hair tattooing, yet there are significant differences that make scalp micropigmentation an utterly different discipline versus getting inked in just a regular tattoo way.

The purpose of scalp pigmentation is to replicate your natural hair follicles while simultaneously strengthening and adding density to the thinning sections.

Causes of a Bad Scalp Micropigmentation Treatment

Scalp Micropigmentation turns out despicably horrible if the person doing is inapt because of a lack of sound training. Many pop-up clinics and even some well-established ones adhere to online or weekend training courses to certify their technicians, which is well and good. However, the metrics must make sense. For example, hours completed, course material, and scalps the trainee has come across or completed before being certified or even performing your procedure. As a good rule of thumb, the depth of know-how of SMP that each technician needs to possess has different applications predicated on gender, ethnicity, and shape. A great clinic should have let their technicians some across the various uses of SMP so that they can be ready to offer what you may need.

Scalp or head tattoos that are poorly applied usually become green or blue. The pigment deployed has not been tailored to the specific scalp or has no optimization for colorfastness. Thus, as a patient, it is part of your due diligence process for you to ask for past results of the recommended pigment at the clinic of your choice. What you need to look for is whether the dye creates a natural look, not to mention unedited photos or even talk to a client. It’s essential to see the past results of the pigment used at the clinic you select. If the pigment looks natural after the procedure, it can fade into blue and green if it’s not scalp specific.

Note: even if the pigment looks natural, it can fade into green or blue; if not, it is not scalp-specific.

Adequate scalp micropigmentation involves delivering proper tiny, follicular units into the dermis with minute-sized electronic needs such that the impression created looks like a single hair follicle. If the sizes of these follicular units are wrong, then there is a higher chance that the SMP will become botched. Inaccurate follicular sizing happens when technicians use an incorrect needle size or attempt to utilize equipment typically used for tattooing or perpetual cosmetics, thus not delivering the desired natural look. Sufficiently applied SMP should be undetectable from real hair strands.

Note: even if the pigment looks natural, it can fade into green or blue; if not, it is not scalp-specific.

Do You Qualify for a Scalp Micropigmentation Repair?

If you have a bad scalp micropigmentation, you are the perfect candidate for a scalp micropigmentation repair treatment. You made the honest mistake of going to the wrong company or some backwoods tattooist who has no clue on the SMP treatment’s delicacy and got yourself a bad scalp micropigmentation. Then definitely, your pigmented follicles might be a size off from the necessary. Consequently, it leads to a ridiculous blending situation, and the dotty demeanor doesn’t help either. Additionally, it may be that the color of your scalp skin tone doesn’t match the pigment used. Scalp micropigmentation treatment to repair self-esteem is an art as much as it is a science, and the artist must achieve a proper blend of color, texture, and object of the technique to get the best results. If you see yourself as the masterpiece you are, then getting an SMP treatment should be of paramount importance. No one should have to endure the pain of bad art! Moreover, the repair is also required in SMP for alopecia for those with scars from hair transplants. A hair transplant scar is inevitable, which means you’ll need an SMP repair treatment to help in hair transplant concealment.

Benefits of Scalp Micropigmentation:

Things To Know:

Scalp micropigmentation treatment uses microneedles that add a layer of pigment dots on your scalp like getting a tattoo. The technicality of micropigmentation scalp treatments means that it must be performed by specially and highly trained technicians.

If this is your first micropigmentation scalp treatment, at a consultation, you will meet with a technician who will be doing your treatment. You will discuss all the pertinent requirements, including your hair color and skin tone, which need to be right to obtain that natural feel. So when they get it wrong, it boggles the mind, right?

There are several ways of tattoo and SMP removal, viz: salabrasion, electrocautery therapy, pigment addition, and laser tattoo removal. Laser tattoo removal is the best bet since SMP is head tattooing, and the best to get rid of unwanted tattoos is laser tattoo removal.

Laser removal is a relatively straightforward process. During the tattoo removal process, you’ll notice frosting, a chemical reaction that takes place after each laser pulse extracts the ink from the skin. Frosting from the tattoo removal process is standard and dissipates in an hour’s time. But it helps to use ice packs and reduce the eventual swelling and redness. With each laser tattoo removal process, you’ll notice the micropigmentation continues to fade. After adequate healing time, you can redo your SMP all over again with a proper professional, and the process is as described in the outset. And no, there are no side effects in doing the SMP again.

Yes, SMP is reversible through laser tattoo removal or getting a tricopigmentation, which is a transient form of SMP.

SMP is permanent, but it is reversible.

Yes, you can remove micropigmentation just like any other tattoo.

Within two weeks, transplant scars have already done most of the healing.

Yes, the results are realistic. For example, Scalp International Hairlines is a reputable company based in New York that has world-class service on the same.

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