How Does SMP Work with Grey Hair

grey hair smp

Greying hair is a normal part of aging. Some people tend to have grey hair at the early age of sixteen, and most men start noticing grey hair by age 30. It depends on your genetic makeup. How can the SMP procedure help with your gray hair, you may ask? Just like the solution for […]

How To Transition From A Hair System or Wig To SMP

hair wig

Hair systems like wigs, toupees, or hairpieces can be a drag at some point. Besides covering your head, all it does is giving you worries that the wig may fall off without you noticing it. That is where scalp micropigmentation comes in; it stops your worries and places your mind at ease. If you want […]

The Link Between High Protein Diet & Hair Loss

High Protein Diet

As far as I can see, there are two main causes of hair loss; dietary causes and genetic causes or what you might call hereditary causes, such as autoimmune diseases, hormonal fluctuations, thyroid disease, and the medical treatment associated with it. Hereditary causes are plain and simple to understand, but dietary causes can be tricky. […]

Hairline Tattoos Are A Thing, Here’s What You Need To Know

Hairline density(5)

The volume, style, or even the thickness of our hair is somewhat crucial in determining one’s appearance, or even overall confidence. But not everyone is lucky enough to be born with thick and beautiful hair. There’s somehow a difference when talking about the effects of baldness between men and women. People might see that it […]

Various Stages of Male Pattern Baldness & How to Treat It

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Male Pattern Baldness or MPB is the same as female pattern baldness: a progressive condition that most men will have to deal with at some point in their lives especially when they get old. Male pattern hair loss or baldness can be possible at an early age especially when it is part of their family […]

Can You Go Bald from Wearing a Hat all the Time?

man hat

Anyone can lose hair on their head, but it’s more common in men. Hair loss or male pattern baldness usually refers to excessive hair loss on the scalp. Inherited hair loss with age is the main cause of baldness. Some people let baldness go with the flow without treatment or hiding. Others can cover it […]

Did You Know that PCOS can cause Hair Loss?

pcos hairloss

Hair treatments are painstakingly slow. It’s too time-consuming when it comes to treatments if you really like an effective method to be done. Hair loss treatments cost time, dedication, and money. But, all of that, you will endure, once you see clumps of hair strands on your palms every time you comb. When in the […]

Does Potassium Help with Hair Loss?


When it comes to hair loss, doing a proper diet is essential for maintaining healthy hair. Eating healthy foods is a prerequisite to hair loss prevention and hair loss treatments once it occurs. Having a balanced diet maintains hair growth. So, what you rather have, hair health or hair loss conditions. The fullness of hair […]

Does Brushing Hair Stimulate Growth?

hair brushing

Hair has been an integral part of an individual’s looks and style that’s why people invest in hair care. People use a range of products to achieve that luscious locks. These products vary in terms of use and benefits such as preventing hair loss, stimulating hair growth, preventing damage, etc. News and myths have risen […]