Considering a ‘Hairline Tattoo? Here is What You Need to Know

scalp micropigmentation

The volume, style, or even thickness of our hair are critical to how our appearance will add to the general confidence, but not everyone is lucky enough to be born with thick, beautiful hair. Somehow there is a difference between men and women when it comes to the effects of baldness. People can see that […]

The Link Between High Protein Diet & Hair Loss

High Protein Diet

As far as I can see, there are two main causes of hair loss; dietary causes and genetic causes or what you might call hereditary causes, such as autoimmune diseases, hormonal fluctuations, thyroid disease, and the medical treatment associated with it. Hereditary causes are plain and simple to understand, but dietary causes can be tricky. […]

How to Use Essential Oils For Hair Growth

essential oil

Natural Oils for Hair Growth How can you start incorporating essential oils into your hair care routine? The essential oil works to balance the oil-producing glands in the scalp. They can both slow down hair loss and increase hair growth, depending on your unique needs. Legitimate business interest as selling hair growth essential oils are […]

Does Brushing Hair Stimulate Growth?

hair brushing

Hair has been an integral part of an individual’s looks and style that’s why people invest in hair care. People use a range of products to achieve that luscious locks. These products vary in terms of use and benefits such as preventing hair loss, stimulating hair growth, preventing damage, etc. News and myths have risen […]